Role: Game Design & Concept Arts

Flumen beta is a 13 person bachelor project made by team flaming gaming. The sidescroller is based on the unity game engine and is set in a 3D environment, to provide a better immersion. The gameplay is designed to be a mixture between an adventure and a puzzle platformer. To solve the puzzles the player is allowed to use music as an interactive element and could be used to manipulate various level-elements or guide the right way. Visit

Credits: Peer Anders Linder (Design Director), Gudrun Öhlinger (Concept Artist) Mathias Ennemoser (Producer, 3D Artist) Jurek Höfer (3D Artist) André Keilhauer (3D Artist) Attila Mayer (3D Artist) Felix Maringer (Music & Sounddesign) Tino Schleinitz (Music & Sounddesign) Tobias Hoffmann (Producer, Shader Coder, Tools Programmer) Manuel Fleck (Lead Programmer) Katharina Hutarew (Programmer, Level Designer, Project Manager) Reinhard Ecker (Audio Integration, Code Architecture) Daniela Etzinger (Programmer, Level Designer) Robert Maciejewski (Gameplay Programmer, Gamedesign)