09 —
Event Management & Poster Design

Here are some of my favorite poster designs I did for some events like wobblefunk – which started 2014 in Salzburg as an plattform for DJs, Beatboxers, Guitarists, Rap Artists and Singers to collaborate live and explore new creative rooms. Goal was to establish an event with a strong jasession character that still manages to fill the dancefloor. Exept from the start and the ending of the event there was no classical timetable and the artists rely on communication and experience to mix their performances.

09a —
Experimental Typography

This Poster was developed during an Material and expression-workshop hosted by Thomas Poschauko and Martin Poschauko (known for Nea Machina). Goal was to explore new ways of designing my mixing conventional and unconventional tools together to develop new aestetics. The key visual in this case was achieved by using a band of an audio casette, take photos and process in photoshop.

09b —
Art & Reflection Poster

This Poster was developed as a case study for an Illustration workshop. It´s combining watercolor with ink and photoshop for postproduction.